St. Johns

St. Johns

Confirmation Sunday May 7th at 5pm

Yes, you read that right!  Confirmation this year will be at 5pm on Sunday May 7th.  Why??  Kee Sloan is the only Bishop serving the diocese right now & he can only be in so […]

Be Content

Colossians 3:18-4:1, a controversial passage in our modern times, invites people of various circumstances to be content in their current situations. Wives, husbands, children, parents, even slaves, should accept their situations and approach their tasks […]

Withered Fig Tree

What does a withered fig tree represent to you? On Monday, during the last week of his life, Jesus passes by a fig tree which has no fruit on it and says, “May  no one […]

Holy Week 2017

Palm Sunday –April 9 Passion Narrative and Eucharist at 7:30 am * Breakfast and Christian Formation Classes * Children’s Procession of Palms, Passion Narrative and Eucharist at 10:30 am *   Monday in Holy Week […]

Habits Holy

Periodically we read about some other product marked as dangerous for human consumption because it has been proven to cause cancer in laboratory rats. Those warnings are probably good for us to heed but I […]

Really Listening

What’s your response when someone tells you about a difficulty they are having? Most of us, or all of us most of the time, typically listen with some compassion and identify with the struggle we […]

Outside the Village

    In the 8th chapter of Mark we read about Jesus healing a blind man. The man is brought to Jesus by some friends and the healing of the man unfolds over a period […]

Flawed Beginnings

On my first day at St. John’s, I made a pretty big mistake, unforgivable actually. I was presiding at the Eucharist in the small chapel on a weekday. There were about 25 people there and […]

Wednesdays in Lent 2017

Wednesday during Lent are a special time; each week we have a visiting preacher/teacher from within the national Episcopal community.  The schedule is as follows: 12:05pm – Noonday service with a sermon by our visiting […]

Ashes of Lent

It was my second Ash Wednesday as an ordained person, as one who imposes the ashes on the foreheads of those who kneel at the altar. Just the receiving of the ashes over the years […]

St. John's Episcopal Church - 113 Madison Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36104 (334) 262-1937 [Map and Directions]

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