Message from the Rector

Technology and Prayer

Technology and Prayer   Many are the woes of modern technology. Being constantly available wears on us as there is less and less down time. Our attention spans seem much shorter as our phones and […]

Homeless Families

Standing on the front sidewalk of St. John’s Sunday night, as the Feast of Lights concluded, I was struck again by the various faces illumined by flickering candles. In an uneasy and stormy world, the […]

Scripture Stories

Back in my social worker days, I met a man who lived out in the country.  He was almost 90 and though he couldn’t read or write and signed his name with an “X”, he […]

Nothing Hidden

For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest…. (Mark 4:22)   The more I come to know about God and this world and the people in it, the less I know. I know a […]

Finishing Well

About midway through the spring semester of my senior year at Wofford, I woke up from a nightmarish sort of dream. In the dream I had found out that I was one course short of […]

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