Message from the Rector

Obedience and Results

The fifth chapter of Luke’s gospel recounts Jesus teaching a large crowd on the shore of a lake as he sits in Simon Peter’s fishing boat. After he finishes addressing the crowd Jesus tells Simon […]

Homeless Families

Standing on the front sidewalk of St. John’s Sunday night, as the Feast of Lights concluded, I was struck again by the various faces illumined by flickering candles. In an uneasy and stormy world, the […]

Scripture Stories

Back in my social worker days, I met a man who lived out in the country.  He was almost 90 and though he couldn’t read or write and signed his name with an “X”, he […]

Nothing Hidden

For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest…. (Mark 4:22)   The more I come to know about God and this world and the people in it, the less I know. I know a […]

Finishing Well

About midway through the spring semester of my senior year at Wofford, I woke up from a nightmarish sort of dream. In the dream I had found out that I was one course short of […]

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