Sunday School Classes

Adult Christian Formation Offerings
Sundays from 9:15am-10:15am
September 11, 2016-May 14, 2017


What Do You Believe?

Led by The Rev. Robert Wisnewski
Meeting in the Archives Room
September 11 – October 23, Continuing November 20 – December 11

Just what do you believe as a Christian and how have you arrived at those beliefs? Are you changing what you believe? Where do you go for help to figure out belief dilemmas? What are you questioning right now? Do you struggle with what others tell you the bible says? How has the Episcopal Church helped you come to your beliefs? How has it made things more difficult?

This course, with presentations from the Rector and group discussion to follow each week, will look at many of the subjects of belief having to do with the Christian faith. What is sin? How does grace work? What is salvation? Is Christ the only way to the salvation? What can we take literally in scripture and what do we have to interpret?  Is there an afterlife? What does conversion mean? What is the Second Coming of Christ? How is God involved in creation? How does God work today?  These and other subjects will be probed and pondered. Hopefully we’ll learn from each other and deepen what we believe as each participant is encouraged to develop a healthy personal theology.

Prayer Practices

Led by The Rev. Candice Frazer
Meeting in the library
September 11 through October 9

This five week course will delve into understanding and establishing a Rule of Life by exploring a variety of prayer disciplines.  Participants will be encouraged to explore various disciplines during the week in between classes and have an opportunity to process through those practices on Sunday before being introduced to a new set of practices.  The hope is that by actively evaluating each prayer practice, participants can begin to shape or re-shape their prayer life and discern a practical Rule of Life.

Living the Good News

Led by Dudley Perry
Meeting in the small dining room

This class offers an in-depth look at the lectionary readings for each Sunday. After receiving some historical background on the readings, participants discuss how God was working in the lives of the characters involved and what that means for us. Exploring the scriptures prepares our hearts and minds to be more engaged in the hour of worship that follows.


Led by the Rev. Candice Frazer
Location: TBA
Class will meet October 16 through November 13

Apostle or apostolos ia defined as “one who is sent away”.  The apostles were sent to take the Good News to the world by Jesus.  We will explore the call and story of the apostles picking up where Acts of the Apostles left off.  We will explore who these men were and how their identities have been shaped since the time of Jesus.  In our exploration, we will try to discern the impact these men had on the world as well as where they went and what they did after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension.

Christian Poetics Part 2

Led by The Rev. Daniel Strandlund & Dr. Karen Funk
Location TBA
Class will meet: Sunday, Oct. 30th until Sunday, December 11th

Last year, Dr. Karen Funk and the Rev. Daniel P. Strandlund led a seven-week Sunday School class on poets writing from within, or near, the Christian religious tradition, including T.S. Eliot, Emily Dickinson, and R.S. Thomas, amongst others.  This year, we’re bringing a whole new slate of poets!  Class will meet for seven weeks from Sunday, Oct. 30th until Sunday, December 11th.  No prior knowledge required!  Location on St. John’s campus TBD.

C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia

Led by The Rev. Daniel Strandlund
Meeting in the parish house
Classes will meet January 8, 2017-February 19, 2017

We’re kicking off the 2017 Sunday School semester with an intergenerational Sunday School class focused on C.S. Lewis’ classic fantasy series, The Chronicles of Narnia!  The Rev. Candice Frazer and the Rev. Daniel P. Strandlund will be leading this class in the parish hall for all parishioners aged 7th grade and older…including adults!  Class will begin on Sunday, January 8th and will run for seven Sundays, concluding on February 19th.  Each session will focus on one book, beginning with The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and concluding with The Last Battle.

Dante and the Religious Imagination

Led by The Rev. Daniel Strandlund
Location TBA
Classes will meet from February 26, 2017-April 9, 2017

This seven-week Sunday School class will follow the pilgrim’s path of Dante Alighieri through his epic poem, The Divine Comedy.  No prior knowledge of Dante is necessary, and participants need not attempt reading, or re-reading, the entire epic to enjoy the class!  Each class will focus on specific selections, and our first session will provide us a ‘road map’ and orientation to Dante’s medieval imagination.  Along the way we’ll explore classic formulations of Christian doctrine (such as creation, atonement, free will, etc.), while admiring the sheer power, beauty, and ingenuity of one of Christianity’s most influential poets.

Inquirers’ Classes for Adults During Lent 2017

Led by The Rev. Robert Wisnewski
Location TBA
Classes will meet from March 5, 2017-April 9, 2017

On the Sundays in Lent, March 5 – April 9, the rector will lead an Inquirers’ Class at 9:15. All adults who wish to be confirmed should attend these classes. The classes are also appropriate for all new to the parish who have questions and as a refresher in the faith for those who are already confirmed members. The dates and subjects to considered are: March 5 – Distinguishing Features of the Episcopal Church; March 12 – The Bible; March 19 – Sacraments; March 26 – Church History; April 2 – Church Structure, Book of Common Prayer; April 9 – Christian Symbolism.

Theories of Atonement

Led by the Rev. Candice Frazer
Location: TBA
April 23 through May 14

Ever wondered why Jesus died on that cross in Calvary?  Or if God is so powerful why Jesus had to die?  This class will explore those questions and more as we wrestle with the various theories of atonement that have been offered over time.  This class  will challenge traditional understandings of atonement theory and attempt to find new meaning and understanding of what exactly the Passion was and is in our beliefs and how it influences the way in which we practice our faith.