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A Message from Duncan- July 5, 2023

A Message from Duncan- July 5, 2023

Whose Rhythm? 

Sometimes I wonder about Jesus.  He wouldn’t have been the most popular pastor.  Actually, I’m not sure he’d even be admitted to a modern seminary ordination program.  True, he did talk about love a lot, and he showed it.  In that way he’d have lived up to the expectations of the church.

But at other times he did not obediently fit into folk’s ideas of what he should do.  Take, for example that strange little event in Mark 1.  Jesus has been healing people with various diseases.  The next day he gets up early to pray.  The disciples find him.  He’s in demand.  “Everyone is looking for you,” they say.  Jesus’ reply is unexpected and even a little amusing. “Let us go somewhere else.”

Yup.  That’s right.  “Let’s go somewhere else.”  Really, Lord?  Let’s go somewhere else?  Surely some mistake.  The good pastor – the enthusiastic, loving pastor, would surely say, “OK!  Everyone is looking for me!  Hallelujah!  I’m ready.  Bring them on.  Let’s get to work.  Bagels and healing!  Let’s do this thing!”

But no.  There’s no mistake here.  Jesus won’t be controlled by the expectations or demands of others.  There is a time for healing and a time for withdrawing; a time to give of yourself and a time to receive; a time to serve and a time to be renewed.

I know what I’d have done if my friends had told me people were looking for me.  I’d have gone with them.  There’s no way I’d walk away when I had the chance to heal people.  Now, before you think I’m amazingly holy and unselfish, let me burst your bubble.  The reason I would have gone with my friends and healed people is because I love the feeling that comes from being in-demand.  I’d go not out of love or even out of obedience to God.  Those, of course, are the ‘right’ reasons for responding to people’s requests.  But they aren’t my reasons.  I’d have gone to the people for my own needs, not theirs.  I’d have gone to be popular, to boost my reputation as a great pastor, or to feel good about myself.  Because I need to be needed.

Jesus didn’t need to be needed.  He had the freedom to make wise and balanced decisions, seeing the big picture.  He knew he needed rest and solitude, and he made sure he got it.  The only person without a Messiah Complex is the Messiah. 

So, Happy July 4th.  Put your feet up, share the love, and throw another shrimp on the grill.  Rest and recreate.  If Jesus needed to, so do we.