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A Message from Duncan – Sept. 20, 2022

A Message from Duncan – Sept. 20, 2022

For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow


What do you know about 1982?  Let’s have a little quiz to find out:

  1.  What blockbuster science fiction movie was released    in the summer of 1982?
  2.  What memorial was dedicated in Washington DC?
  3.  How did consuming Tylenol capsules kill 7 people in Chicago?
  4.  Argentina invaded what group of islands in the South Atlantic?
  5.  Which TV talk show host made his debut on NBC?
  6.  Which much-loved and hugely dedicated staff member began working for St John’s?

If you really need to check the answers to the first five, they are at the bottom of the page, but I’m sure you don’t need them!  The answer to number six is not very hard.  His picture next to this article gives the game away.  Yes, it really has been 40 magnificent years since Mike Jarrell began his wonderful ministry as Maintenance Superintendent of our parish.  (By the way, if you guessed it was anyone else on the current staff, then please know that we are all offended that you thought one of us was old enough to have been working here 40 years.)
But all good things come to an end – even such a magnificent thing as Mike’s extraordinary and loving service.  So, today, I’m sad to announce that Mike has decided to retire.  This brings down the curtain on four decades of devotion.  Mike will be badly missed.
There are two facts that are obvious to any visitor to St John’s – this is clearly a much-loved campus and its care and maintenance is overseen by an expert.  That expert is Mike.
Mike’s last day will be October 7th.  On Sunday October 2nd, we will celebrate Mike’s ministry at a reception, immediately following the 10:30 service.  We have created a purse for anyone who wishes to make a financial gift to Mike.  Click here to give electronically.  You may also mail or drop off contributions to the church office.
I know that every member of the parish will want to wish Mike and Karen health, joy, and the best of everything in his retirement.   Congratulations, Mike.  Well done, good and faithful servant.  You have labored long in the heat of the day.  Enjoy this new phase of life, and go with God.
1. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.
2. The Viet Nam War Memorial.
3.  The capsules had been laced with cyanide.
4.  The Falkland Islands.
5.  David Letterman.