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Giving for the Future

Giving for the Future Stewardship Meetings – October 6 and 13 at 11:45 Please attend and pick up your pledge packets. During the month of October every member of St. John’s will be asked to make a financial pledge to the parish for 2020. You will be reminded of the foundational truth that in giving […]


Armor The story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel, Chapters 17 and 18, is a pretty good read. It’s a fascinating story of a people terrorized by an unjust society of Philistines and their desperate attempts to free themselves from oppression. It’s also a great story of an unexpected hero – David – rising […]

On the List

On the List   All too often we approach faithfulness from a selfish perspective. Our desire in wanting to increase our faith is usually wrapped up in some desire for life to be better for us. “If I had more faith, I wouldn’t worry as much.” “If I trusted God more, things would turn out […]


Hatred   I’ve been in one fist fight in my life. It wasn’t much of a fight but it made an impression on me. It made me see some things I am capable of. It also made me see how much others delight in turmoil. The fight took place in 7th grade. Robbie Parker and […]

Message from the Wardens  Search Process Committees Appointed by Vestry

Message from the Wardens  Search Process Committees Appointed by Vestry   As the Wardens of St. John’s Church and pursuant to the charge given us, we report to you the following persons to serve on the Self-Study Committee and the Discernment Committee concerning the search for the next Rector of St. John’s. After selecting the […]


Pilgrimage    Montgomery has become a national pilgrimage site. In the past two years, since the opening of the Peace and Justice Memorial to victims of lynching and the Equal Justice Initiative’s Museum, hundreds of thousands of people have visited here for the purpose of making a Civil Rights Pilgrimage. Numerous groups have also visited […]

Approval Seeking

Approval Seeking   “No one is good but God alone.” (Mark 10.18) “Jesus, looking at him, loved him and said, ‘You lack one thing….’” (Mark 10.21) Mark tells the story of a rich man coming to Jesus asking what he must do to inherit eternal life. On the surface it appears the man is sincere […]

Debt Free

Debt Free   About 20 years ago St. John’s embarked on an ambitious building campaign. We began with a self-study which revealed the need for better and bigger space for very young children. Then we began to dream about how better and bigger spaces might help us grow in our mission as a parish. We […]


WWUJD What Would Uncle Johnny Do? The other day, when I was experiencing my all too familiar temptation to tighten up and press harder to solve a little problem, I somehow got an image of my Uncle Johnny and heard the little invitation, “What would Uncle Johnny do in this situation?”. A little smile came […]