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During the Rector’s Forum on Sunday night, I was asked what influenced me to accept a call at a downtown parish?  My response included my belief that God was indeed calling me to the particulars of ministry in a downtown Episcopal church, in part, because places like St. John’s have a responsibility to proclaim the […]

A Good Starting Point

Dear Friends, As Sunday approaches, I am filled with joy and anticipation for the beginning of our ministry together in the context of resuming in person worship at St. John’s. Based on a consensus of public health and medical advice, and under the direction of the Bishop, we have made decisions that will minimize the […]

Professional Optimist

Professional Optimist   As a priest, I am paid to be optimistic. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers us hope in the face of discouragement, new life on a daily basis, continual transformation. With God, nothing is impossible. So, as I am engaging the Gospel of Jesus Christ as a professional minister, I am paid […]


Gethsemane Just after his final meal with his closest followers – including Judas who would betray him and Peter who vows never to deny him – Jesus goes to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray. It’s one of his holy places and he needs to connect with his Father whose nature he bears while, at […]

Island of Hope

Island of Hope   Have you ever stepped out into a place in life which felt dangerous and cut off from anything safe and good? Have you ever had to make a difficult decision which impacted lives and potentially threatened everything you held dear? There are crisis times in life and crises don’t always involve […]

Driving on Snow

Driving on Snow   My job as rector is a little like driving a car on a snowy road. It’s very exciting. And a little dangerous. I’ve loved it all these years but soon it will be time to turn the wheel over to someone else and take on the next challenge in life. I […]

Logs and Specks

Logs and Specks   Each of us grows up with unresolved issues from our childhood and more issues are added along the way. No family, no parent or spouse, can give us all the love we need and an integral part of the spiritual journey is coming to see our own wounds and coming to […]