Blue Christmas Service

Blue Christmas service
Wednesday, December 18 
5:30pm in the Chapel


Christ comes, not to walk among us as divine, but as human.  He enters into our experience of pain and suffering so that he might redeem that experience, comfort and succor us, and give us hope.  This does not negate our suffering, or even try to cover it up.  Instead, Jesus comes to share our burden, to bear some of that load with us, to walk with us as we traverse this world.  

In this season of preparation, we are often surrounded by joy and yet, unable to enter into that joy for whatever trouble or sorrow we might be burdened with.  St. John’s would like to offer this Blue Christmas opportunity for you to share your burden with God in a tangible way by giving that burden to God and in return receiving nourishment and comfort through the celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the remembrance of Christ’s own death and resurrection, that you might find refreshment and hope as we continue in this season of Advent and prepare for the principal feast of Christmas.