Category: Message from the Rector

And When He Had Given Thanks

The only miracle recorded in all four gospels is the Feeding of the Five Thousand (Matthew 14; Mark 6; Luke 9: John 6). A huge crowd has followed Jesus and his disciples out into the countryside, it comes time for supper, and the disciples panic. Jesus asks how they might meet the challenge and the […]

Shared DNA

“If you spot it, you got it.” Anyone who has done substantial work on personal growth is familiar with this adage. The people I find the most irritating and frustrating are the ones who somehow mirror something inside myself that I have not come to terms with. People who brag and exaggerate their accomplishments or […]

Ascended Christ

When young people graduate from high school or college their worlds begin to change pretty rapidly. Their relationship with their parents begins to shift dramatically or at least it should. There is new freedom. There is increased responsibility. There is new opportunity for them to discover and pursue their purpose in life. It’s an exciting […]

The Best is Yet to Come

  Nostalgia may well be part of original sin. Looking to the past instead of the future can make it nearly impossible for us to know God’s presence in our lives or to live into the potential God has for us. In its kindest form nostalgia is based in gratitude for what we have been […]

Homeless Families

Standing on the front sidewalk of St. John’s Sunday night, as the Feast of Lights concluded, I was struck again by the various faces illumined by flickering candles. In an uneasy and stormy world, the light of Christ shines forth, empowers us to know hope and share it with those who have not seen it. […]

Nothing Hidden

For nothing is hidden except to be made manifest…. (Mark 4:22)   The more I come to know about God and this world and the people in it, the less I know. I know a great deal more than when I began this spiritual journey but, like looking at the stars, I keep seeing how […]

Finishing Well

About midway through the spring semester of my senior year at Wofford, I woke up from a nightmarish sort of dream. In the dream I had found out that I was one course short of graduating. Quickly that morning, I walked into the registrar’s office to make sure that I had enough credits to graduate. […]