Category: Message from the Rector

Driving on Snow

Driving on Snow   My job as rector is a little like driving a car on a snowy road. It’s very exciting. And a little dangerous. I’ve loved it all these years but soon it will be time to turn the wheel over to someone else and take on the next challenge in life. I […]

New Crop

At our Vestry Retreat our Senior Warden, Jimmy McLemore, used an image to describe our current transitional phase at St. John’s as we prepare for the calling of our next rector. While Jimmy is a lawyer, he comes from a long line of farmers. “The way I figure it,” he said, “is that 25 years […]

Moving On

Moving On Mark 1.29-39 tells the story of Jesus healing Simon’s mother-in-law and then being overrun by people who also want to receive healing from him. The story says that by sunset that day the whole city was gathered around the door where Jesus was staying. “He cured many who were sick with various diseases, […]

Tradition and Trust

Tradition and Trust   It would be hard to find a place that is more traditional than St. John’s. That’s kind of our niche in the market so to speak as people are attracted to our history and liturgy. It’s not only what we do but how we do it that appeals to our longstanding […]

Let Me Receive My Sight

Let Me Receive My Sight   In the 18th chapter of Luke, as Jesus is traveling to Jerusalem near the end of his life, he approaches Jericho and there a blind man is sitting by the roadside begging. He asks Jesus to have mercy on him. When Jesus asks him what he wants, the man […]

Inner Voice

Inner Voice   A few of my favorite teenagers recently asked to meet with me one-on-one before they went off for college. I’m sure all were prompted by their parents but they followed through and made the appointments. In a way they were saying goodbye to me and their church home. I’ve known them all […]

Retiring the Debt

In the year 2000 St. John’s embarked on an ambitious building project which included new construction of 20,000 square feet of office, classroom, and meeting space; renovating 20,000 square feet of old office and meeting space including the parish hall; a new kitchen; a new roof for the church; a completely rebuilt organ; the enclosure […]

Ascended Christ

When young people graduate from high school or college their worlds begin to change pretty rapidly. Their relationship with their parents begins to shift dramatically or at least it should. There is new freedom. There is increased responsibility. There is new opportunity for them to discover and pursue their purpose in life. It’s an exciting […]

The Best is Yet to Come

  Nostalgia may well be part of original sin. Looking to the past instead of the future can make it nearly impossible for us to know God’s presence in our lives or to live into the potential God has for us. In its kindest form nostalgia is based in gratitude for what we have been […]

Homeless Families

Standing on the front sidewalk of St. John’s Sunday night, as the Feast of Lights concluded, I was struck again by the various faces illumined by flickering candles. In an uneasy and stormy world, the light of Christ shines forth, empowers us to know hope and share it with those who have not seen it. […]