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Three times in the Book of Habakkuk (sort of rhymes with tobacco) the word Selah is used. In some ways it means what we mean when we say Amen, carrying with it an invitation to appreciate more fully what is being said. It could easily be translated: Wow! Stop and Listen! Selah is used 71 […]

Seeds of Grace

Wearing a clerical collar in a public place can be an odd experience. If I go into the grocery store, for instance, and have my collar on, very nearly everyone I pass in the aisle or stand near in the checkout line smiles and speaks to me. If I don’t have on the collar, very […]

For Our Sins

As Christians we are familiar with the phrase, “Christ died for our sins.” The epistles of Paul and John make reference to this and we hear it often but what does it really mean? What does Christ dying for our sins mean to you? Some find it a helpful phrase. Others find it distracting and […]

Sacrifice Bunts

It’s the bottom of the 7th inning, the game is tied, and the leadoff batter gets on base. The team’s best hitter comes to the plate and the crowd gets excited, imagining an extra-base hit or even a homerun that will help insure the game will be won. But a good baseball fan knows what […]

God First

I write as someone you associate with your spiritual needs and your spiritual growth. As your priest there are other things expected of me but none as important as offering you opportunities to grow closer to God and inviting you to conduct yourselves as children of God. While you may not associate your monetary gifts […]