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Teachable Moments

When I was sixteen, I wrecked one of our family’s two cars. It was an old Volkswagen and, while it didn’t represent a huge monetary loss, it was a big deal in my development. As I stood by the car which was mashed into a tree off the side of the road, some things my […]

Three Paths to Growth

Three Paths to Growth   There are three basic ways that we grow, an older wisdom teaches: Catastrophic Event; Spiritual Awakening; Psychotherapy or Spiritual Direction. The first two are thrust upon us and then require some time and effort on our part. The third path to growth is an intentional response to a yearning or […]

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is one aspect of parish ministry that really cannot be done well enough or is ever entirely finished. The physical and spiritual needs of a large group of people, or even one person for that matter, are always changing. Once one need is met, another arises. Like any relationship, the work done in […]


Over the years, as I have attended and led Youth Group meetings, I have watched teenagers walk into a room and gravitate toward people they already know. If we allowed it teenagers would divide into their little groups and not have much to do with anyone except those they go to school with or feel […]

Rocky Top

What do you do when you fall off a cliff?  When the rug gets pulled out from under you and you begin a free fall that spirals and circles into blackness until you don’t know which way is up or have any sense of direction?  How do you push through life when your faith takes […]