Epiphany Feast of Lights

Epiphany Feast of Lights

Sunday, January 12, 6:30 (Supper at 5:45)



Of ourselves we have absolutely no value, yet we are chosen and loved by that which is all Value. In comparison to the Light we are utter darkness, yet the Light shines upon us and, so, we are light. With such a truth proclaimed, we, the people of Christ, are moved from Christmas to Epiphany, from the season celebrating our Savior’s birth to that celebrating the spread of his truth to the whole world.


When Jesus tells his followers that they are the light of the world, it is important to remember just where the light originates. Such truth is periodically forgotten by God’s people in their journeys and, more than occasionally, we slide into thinking that the human spirit is that which is light. We are but a bit of dust and into that dust God has breathed his life. While that is humbling news, it is ultimately the best news for we are reminded that there is true strength available to us. We need not merely draw on our attempts to make things happen. We can draw on that which truly makes all things happen.


On Sunday night, January 12, beginning at 5:45, we gather for our annual Feast of Lights. After dinner in the Parish Hall, the youth of the parish lead us through a service commemorating the spreading of the Light of Christ from his earthly days to ours. We hear of specific deeds the faithful people have been moved to accomplish. We sing praise to the Almighty who has moved eternally for the purpose of our salvation. It is a quiet and stirring service of worship that is truly good.


The Feast of Lights culminates with each person receiving a candle and processing from the nave to the front sidewalk to receive a blessing. As symbols uniquely express truth far deeper than words, this gesture reminds us that we are given the Light of Truth to carry. We do not create the Light but are graciously given the Light to tend, defend, cherish, and share.


By the gentle warming of our hearts, the Light transforms our lives and the world around us. Come, bend your knee, and worship the newborn King.


Yours faithfully,

Robert C. Wisnewski, Jr.


Vestry Slate of Nominees


Kathleen Bradford

Marney Garzon

Mary Goldthwaite

Katharine Harris

Lawrence Hughes

Cissy Johnson

Jim Locke

Will Marks

Dinah McLemore

Keith Miller

Stephanie Norrell

Oliver Smyth

Geoff Stough

Todd Westhauser


On Sunday, January 26, at 11:15 am, the parish will gather for its Annual Meeting and will elect 14 persons to serve a three year term on the Vestry. Each of the above is duly qualified to serve and we are privileged to have each of them stand for election. A brochure will be sent out with photos and biographical sketches so that your vote may be informed. If you are unable to attend the meeting you may vote prior to the meeting by obtaining a ballot through the church office. Those members of the parish 18 and older may vote. You do not need to be confirmed to vote.