Homeless Families

Standing on the front sidewalk of St. John’s Sunday night, as the Feast of Lights concluded, I was struck again by the various faces illumined by flickering candles. In an uneasy and stormy world, the light of Christ shines forth, empowers us to know hope and share it with those who have not seen it. Our own dark lives are made new and fresh and we naturally seek places to shine. The light is given to us, not merely for our own happiness, but for the salvation of the entire world.

Just over ten years ago Family Promise was begun in Montgomery. A project which identifies homeless families with children and then enables them to take the final steps to permanent housing is an initiative of St. John’s and involves a dozen other congregations of various denominations and faiths.

During the week of January 22-29, we will again be hosting Family Promise here at St. John’s. Each evening about a dozen people will come to our facility to eat supper, sleep, and prepare for their next day of work and school. Were it not for Family Promise these children and their parents would be sleeping on the streets or in their cars and, if discovered, would not be allowed to stay together as families. Our efforts provide respite and hope for young children and their parents and help them become productive members of the community who can then share this light with others.

Again we are in need of volunteers to do the various jobs involved with hosting Family Promise. We need cooks for supper, people to spend the night here, people to do laundry at the end of the week. The work is simple and pure, as we meet people face to face and offer encouragement. It doesn’t save the world but it reminds these people that God is saving each of us.

You should at least know that your parish is about this ministry. Because of St. John’s the program was able to get its start and other congregations have caught the vision. And perhaps you should be among those who are here working to allow the program to continue. This Spring Carl and Barbara Viars will complete a three year term of heading up our efforts with Family Promise and we are very grateful to both of them for their good work. We are still looking for folks to take their place.

You may sign up to help with this Family Promise week by contacting Carl and Barbara at barbncarl@knology.net or you may contact the church office 262-1937 or anne@stjohnsmontgomery.org.

If not here, where will you serve? The light of Christ illumines your darkness. Will you keep it for yourself or will you share it with those in need? Everyone to whom much is given, of him will much be required….


Yours faithfully,

Robert C. Wisnewski, Jr.

Annual Meeting – January 22

At our Annual Meeting we will elect 7 Vestry Members for a 3 year term. The nominees are:


Rich Anderson

Dick Arrington

Bill Eskridge

Georgia Holmes

Austin Huffaker

Phillip Kinney

Alice McCollum

Nick Prillaman

Debbie Schremser

Mary Simmons

Jean Smyth

Debbie Wakefield

Cole Wise

Bob Young


Absentee ballots may be obtained at the Church Office and cast at any time prior to the meeting.