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Holy Saturday, April 20

Holy Saturday, April 20 Job 19:21-27a   On January 21 Robert sends a request for a reflection of “about 350 words” due by February 15 on Job 19:21-27a. I say to myself something like, “Job, great story, wonderful poetry, Hollywood ending,” and reply, “I’ll be glad to try to do it.” On examination it turns […]

Good Friday, April 19

Good Friday, April 19 John 19:38-42   From Mathew’s account, we know that Joseph of Arimathea was a rich man. From Luke, we know that he was a member of the Jewish council who asked Pilate to crucify Jesus, that he disagreed with the decision, and that he was a “good and righteous man”. Mark […]

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday John 12: 1-7, 31-35   Having been in many a dark place from time to time in my life, I find these words from Jesus to his disciples “Soon the light will be gone / no one can see where they are going in the dark” quite daunting. I feel for these men […]

Wednesday in Holy Week, April 17

Wednesday in Holy Week, April 17 John 12:27-36   In this passage, we have a glimpse of Jesus as being a human among us. He is anticipating what is to come, and for a moment questioning. Only for a moment, but it shows he is human, he is afraid, he is like us, yet he […]

Tuesday in Holy Week, April 16

Tuesday in Holy Week, April 16 John 12:20-26   Red Letters Well, St. John, why can’t you for once tell it to me straight. Forget the parables.  Lay it out clear.  (No chance of that.) Well, I feel sorry for those Greeks who wanted to see Jesus and he blew them off.  All that way […]

Monday in Holy Week, April 15

Monday in Holy Week, April 15 John 12: 12-19   The King of Israel Comes to Jerusalem I wonder how many times I have read this passage without realizing that the chief priests and Pharisees were plotting to not only kill Jesus, but Lazarus as well.  Poor Lazarus, he had just been raised from the […]

Saturday, April 13

Saturday, April 13 John 11:28-44   “Jesus wept.” John 11:35  It is the shortest verse in the bible but it is so very powerful. Why is Jesus weeping? Is he sad because Lazarus has died? Is he tired from his journey? Is he moved at Martha’s loyalty? Is he moved by the Jews weeping? Weeping […]

Friday, April 12

Friday, April 12 John 11: 1-27   “This illness does not lead to death; rather it is for God’s glory.” Jesus raises Lazarus. Death is overcome. What had been a mournful funeral becomes a celebration. It’s a familiar story with familiar themes. So, what do I notice as I reflect on it today? I wonder […]

Thursday, April 11

Thursday, April 11 Romans 11:1-12 Here Paul states that God has not rejected His people (Israel) despite their present state.  Furthermore, God’s grace has now spread to the Gentiles.  And as in the time of Elijah, a message is heard by a small group and will spread to many. “At the present time there is […]

Wednesday, April 10

Wednesday, April 10 Romans 10:14-21   The message I got out of this writing is about how one comes to Faith (or not).  It is about people who, even though they hear the message, either don’t understand it or refuse to believe it.  Plenty of us were exposed to Religion and Church at a time […]