Friday, March 5th, 2021

Friday, March 5th

John 5: 30-47

Many of those in Jesus’ audience do not believe him and what he is teaching. His teaching is inconvenient, it doesn’t support what they’ve always believed. It’s different and they question the truth of his words.  They accuse him of being a false prophet, a charlatan performing magical works. He is not who he says he is, and they are demanding two witnesses to the truth of what he’s saying.

Jesus responds by saying that he has two witnesses, his works testify to him and his Father testifies to him. Jesus asks them to follow the Truth, the truth of who he says he is, the truth of his words, and the truth of his works. He’s asking them to believe his words, his works.

What is truth? In a later passage, Pilot asks the same question, “What is truth?” before he condemns Jesus to death. We are asked the same question, “What is truth?”

Do we truly believe the Truth that Jesus preached? Do we believe the scriptures and apply them to our lives? Or do we believe what we want to believe, that which fits into our world view? Do we believe what others say because our friends support it? Do we believe what we read on social media because it fits into what we want to hear? Are we searching for the Truth? Jesus spoke the Truth and that Truth speaks to us today. When we search for the Truth we search for God. God is truth.

Betty Beale