Maundy Thursday, April 1st, 2021

Maundy Thursday

1 Corinthians 11:23-26

The Last Supper which in this instance is told by Paul in First Corinthians is very familiar to us as Christians. It is so familiar that I find myself quickly glancing through it as if I am on autopilot. After giving the verses time to sink in, two words stand out to me, remembrance and proclaim. Remembrance here seems to convey relationship. Jesus is telling the disciples to maintain the relationship with Him through the Eucharist because He knows He isn’t going to be with them for much longer. Since Jesus is not physically with us as well, we are called to do the same. When we participate in Communion, we embrace Christ; we draw near to Him. We commune with Him and He communes with us. This is vital to keeping our relationship with Jesus healthy. Participating in the glory of God can’t be a one-off thing and must be nourished consistently.

Proclaim is the second word that caught my attention. Paul said, “For as often as you eat this bread and drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes.” According to, the word means “to announce or declare in an official or formal manner.” In a way during Communion, we are officially announcing or recognizing that Jesus paid the ultimate price in His death. He was willing to be the sacrificial lamb to atone for our sins. Our taking of the bread and wine is our proclamation that Christ died for us. How blessed are we that in spite of our weaknesses, regardless of our shortcomings, and irrespective of our sins, God would love us enough that He would send Jesus to redeem us. Let us hold this in our minds as we walk in love during this season of Lent knowing that God wants us to commune with Him.

Nick Prillaman