Thursday, April 11

Thursday, April 11
Romans 11:1-12

Here Paul states that God has not rejected His people (Israel) despite their present state.  Furthermore, God’s grace has now spread to the Gentiles.  And as in the time of Elijah, a message is heard by a small group and will spread to many.

“At the present time there is a remnant chosen by grace” states Paul.  God does not need a lot of people to do great work.  And this small group is chosen by mercy, not merit.  God’s grace is His gift to the Israelites and to all those who will accept it.

Thank God for grace!  For it is God’s grace that is balm.  We stumble, but accepting God’s grace means we do not fall down entirely.  When we are careless, God offers forgiveness.  When we are suffering, God’s grace is there to restore us.  God’s grace grounds us, because it takes us out of ourselves.  Grace is not given as reward for our successes or for our good works. Grace is not withheld as punishment for our failures or for our sins. Grace is not about us because then “grace would no longer be grace.”


Fairlie Herron