Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Thursday, Feb 18th

John 1:29-34

Ironically enough, John 1:29 was the verse I chose to include on our Christmas Card this year. “Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!” For most of us, this past year has been rough, and I wanted to remind our friends and family to hold strong in the hope of our Lord. No matter what 2020 threw our way, led us towards, or kept us from, our Father has not forsaken us. In fact, just the opposite. He sacrificed his only son so that ALL of OUR sins will be forgiven, and we will dwell in his house forever.

I often get stuck on the words, I am not worthy of forgiveness and have been down some dark roads truly believing that. If I can fail in the ways that I have, why would he forgive me, love me anyway, and want me spend eternity with Him. The answer is unconditional, agape, love. He truly forgives, forgets, and moves on, encouraging his children to “get up and try again.” These are words we hear often, but I challenge you to stop and deeply reflect on the meaning. Think of a moment in your life when you were incredibly disappointed in yourself. Now look at that same moment from

God’s eyes. He would tell you, “I acknowledge your short coming, now pray to me for forgiveness, and move on. I sent my son to die for THAT sin, so that you may come live with me forever.”

My spiritual practice consists of starting each morning with silence, followed by journaling, and concluding with prayer. After many different approaches, I have found this to be the best way for me to center my day. I strive to let go of yesterday and make today the best it can be. I take to heart all of my sins, working towards forgiving myself and those around me. I encourage you all to find a practice that works for you. Ask for specific forgiveness in even the minute sins of yesterday.  It is easy for me to say, I’m too tired or I’d rather sleep for 15 more minutes. However, on days that I do, I regret it as I rush out of bed to get the kids dressed, fed, and out the door before my day as a working mom begins. At the very least, I challenge you each day to pray and thank God for his forgiveness. Even if you are struggling to feel worthy, He has already forgiven you.

Nothing I have said to you today is earth shattering, or mind blowing. However, I leave you with one thought. If we could give away an ounce of that unconditional love in the way God does, we would all be in good shape.

Emily Wise