Thursday, February 25th, 2021

Thursday, February 25th

John 3:16-21

I can be quite comfortable, even smug, reading scripture when I read it as merely a story of another people, another time, a happening in history. And then, I can also become quite uncomfortable, even humbled, when I read the same scripture and realize, whoa, this is me, this is us, this is my story, this is our story.

Created in the image of God, the completion of Jesus revelation rests on me, on us. Revelation is relational – you, me, and all of creation. Awareness of relationship can be a fleeting, unnerving thing yet it can produce a delicate growing transformation.

And so today, dare I recognize what is beautiful in me that I need to let freely into the day? Simple beauty – a text to someone, a thank you to the clerk at Winn Dixie, a nodding recognition to a stranger that appears to be so different from me, a breathing in of the tree outside my door, or a relishing of the bouncing spirit in Stella, my dog?

Can I dare to recognize what is not so beautiful in me – my affection for doing things my way, my impatience in lines, my comfort in the limited circle of “people like me”- and own it and have the patience to work with it?

Can I greet life smack in the face and admit my limits, comfortable that others will complement what I am lacking and still expect great things?

Will the music of my presence today blend with the wondrous harmony of life all around me and present an Ode to Joy or will I add to a discord, a song out of tune?

Can I allow others to touch my spirit? Can I fling open the cage of my protective self to allow others who are different in? Can I allow the boundaries of my relationships to grow?

Can I rise today to be truly aware of what it means to be God’s revelation? And can I do it again tomorrow and the next day after that?

Yes, today is mine, ours, to dare.

Katie Keller