Thursday, March 25th, 2021

Thursday, March 25th

Psalm 131

Psalm 131 is a reminder of how God wants me to be – not proud and haughty, or concerning myself with things that keep me from focusing on him.  This sounds easy, but how often do I find myself feeling self-satisfied and disdainful of others.  How often am I filled with prideful thoughts that I am so much better than anyone else. I constantly clutter my mind with futile thinking, or as the psalmist says, “of great matters or things too hard for me”. God wants my full attention to what he is saying and showing me, not just my halfhearted attempt at paying attention to him.  My constant busyness doesn’t leave much room to listen for his voice, and fear of what he might ask of me is keeping me from seeing the gift he is offering me. The gift of freedom to love and be the person he wants me to be.

Jesus said we should trust him as a child, giving him that same trust children impart to us when we take their hand to help them.  They have a secure feeling that we will safely lead them, and this is the trust God wants from us.  How comforting is the image of being able to rest on him to quiet my inner turmoil, to feel his loving arms protecting and sustaining me.  He is always stressing the importance of having childlike faith and being humble as ways to worship him. Being humble is another stumbling block for me, as I am constantly filled with my own self-importance, blinded to the worth of others around me.

Emulating Jesus and his way of treating people is something to aspire to, but how often do I fall short when I fail to see those who are in need of my help, either feeding their body, soul or self-esteem.  My eyes need to be truly opened to see others as they are, not as I want to see them. Selfishness in not acknowledging the needs of others keeps me stunted and self-centered. I need God’s help to open my heart and mind to the suffering and needs of those I encounter each day.  It’s so easy to be complacent and lazy and rely on someone else to fix the problems.  I don’t think this is what God wants of me.

When I am resting in his arms I realize what a blessing it is to know that I am God’s beloved child, and so is everyone else. None of us is more special or important to him than another – we are all loved the same.  He is always there to rescue us, even when we don’t deserve it, because in God’s eyes we are all worthy and unconditionally loved, and what a precious gift and blessing he has given us.

Kitty Coleman