Tuesday in Holy Week, April 16

Tuesday in Holy Week, April 16
John 12:20-26


Red Letters

Well, St. John, why can’t you for once tell it to me straight.

Forget the parables.  Lay it out clear.  (No chance of that.)

Well, I feel sorry for those Greeks who wanted to see Jesus

and he blew them off.  All that way from Greece and they didn’t see Him

and we can’t see Him and so all any of us can do is rely on

Faith:  Being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.

Our choice:  Yes. No.

(No maybe.  No in-between.)  Yes?  No?

Well, I feel sorry for myself with Jesus handing me that paradox:  You have to die in order to live.

Red letters in my Bible: You have to lose your earthly life to gain eternal life.

Death:  unpredictable, unwelcome, unavoidable.   I see it on the doctor side.

Watch those professed Christians who get close to those Pearly Gates wriggling,

squirming, trying to avoid going through.

I get the message. Lots of them don’t.

Death is coming.  Accept it.  Embrace it.  Red letters.

Well, I also get a message for today.  Not that harsh.

Lose it for Lent.  Not the physical life—the spiritual life.

Jesus is calling me out!  Look at my priorities.

Calendar and checkbook give the pecking order:  more on entertainment and hobbies than church?

St. John’s Eagle telling me “be there” in black and white.

Am I engaged? Am I involved?  Am I just

a Sunday Morning Christian?

Well, I do think I get it.  Lent 2019: Invent my own parable.

A snake losing its skin.  Shed my spiritual skin for a new one.

And not just for Lent. For good. Jesus calling me out!



Jon Dailey