Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

Wednesday, March 24th

Romans 10:14-21

Paul seems to voice his frustration with the nation of Israel in this series of passages.  He feels that they have heard the news brought by Christ and are choosing to ignore it. To summarize, it seems that Paul feels the following: Faith evolves from hearing the teachings of Christ. Hearing the message of Christ comes with attendant responsibilities.  Those who hear the teaching, but do not act upon it are disobedient.

The feelings Paul is expressing speak to me personally in regard to my journey with trying to warn people about the dangers of Covid -19. I have struggled with feelings of frustration and anger targeted toward those people who are not able or willing to see the seriousness of the pandemic.

Due to my scientific and medical background, I believe that I was able to recognize the dangers of the virus earlier than most. However, my suggestions and warnings went largely unheeded during the early phases of the pandemic. Now, many in our community and throughout the world have died from something that could have been prevented or greatly mitigated. It is my belief that irresponsible choices made by knowledgable individuals has resulted in the death and illness of many people. None of us is chaste in this regard, we all take our little risks.

To me, Christ and Christian teachings represent a pure version of the truth. If we turn against the truth then we are turning against Christ.

Geoff Habermacher