Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Tuesday, March 2nd

Romans 1:16-25

I have recently taken up the hobby of fly fishing, and I am certainly no expert fly fisherman. While being surrounded by nature and wading in the middle of a stream is obviously relaxing, I nonetheless often find myself frustrated with my ability to catch an ever-elusive trout. Fly fishing is so difficult due to the numerous reasons that can cause trout to pass on your fly and continue downstream. In my experience, it is not uncommon to go hours without seeing a fish whatsoever. During these times, my belief that I will see, much less catch, a fish is severely tested. Frequently, I often debate with those around me if we are wasting our time in that particular spot and if moving to the next location will solve all of our problems. Of course, packing up in the car and driving to another location will not fix an awful cast or poorly tied fly.

Today’s passage is about faith and our ability to put aside idols and worldly distractions. This year has certainly been one of many challenges, with numerous differing approaches being presented to solve the many issues we face. In Romans 1:16-25, Paul the Apostle discusses our inability to recognize God’s presence and focus on his ability to guide us through our daily challenges. Much like fly fishing, we often mistakenly believe that there is something else that will solve all of our problems. We fail to accept that focusing on God, will bring us much more success in overcoming adversity than the many idols that surround us. Maybe, if we were able to spend more time accepting this reality, we would be able to catch many more fish.

Mark Chappell