Wednesday in Holy Week, April 17

Wednesday in Holy Week, April 17
John 12:27-36


In this passage, we have a glimpse of Jesus as being a human among us. He is anticipating what is to come, and for a moment questioning. Only for a moment, but it shows he is human, he is afraid, he is like us, yet he has resolve about his purpose. He knows his fate, that he must serve his father, and all the people of the world. This is why he was sent, his time was drawing near to complete his earthly mission, and he is still trying to convince the doubting people of the world around him that they must believe, follow, have faith.

Faith. The audience to whom Jesus is addressing is still in doubt, in the face of Christ, even the voice of the Lord. They are not all convinced that they must walk in the light and love of faith in God, or heed the words of the condemned Son of Man before them, and his time is running short. How are we to have faith, when even they did not? It isn’t an easy task, we are human. Just as Jesus wondered if he should be saved from this hour, and if the cup could be passed from him, we, of course, will falter, will question, will doubt, and fail. But that is the very reason he was sent to walk among us, to be sacrificed for our sins, our shortcomings. Because of love.

Love. God loved each of us enough to send his only son to die for our sins. He loved the believers, non believers, no matter the appearance, proclivities, or extent of sin. Jesus loved us enough to follow through with his fate, through his fear, knowing many didn’t believe. God continues to love us, through the doubt, the lack of faith, the sin. Though it sometimes seems improbable God could love each of us that steadfastly, even in the presence of Christ, and his own voice, we are also reminded he loves us as a father. He loves us as we love our children, our spouses, parents, friends. We love them though they doubt us, and fail, and sin against us, we believe in them, we forgive. We can all only hope to love more perfectly as God and God through Christ have exemplified.


Heather Clark