Wednesday, March 10th, 2021

Wednesday, March 10th

Romans 5:1-11

 I am a recovering perfectionist who is sometimes plagued with all or nothing thinking and unrealistic expectations. I am often impatient with myself and forget that this journey is about progress not perfection. I need to be reminded, often, of the true nature of my being, the one described in today’s Scripture.

I spent the week before writing this reflection, pondering its meaning. I also spent that same week restoring the dolls of my childhood and my daughter’s, most of which had been stored in an attic for 60 years. Some needed more attention than others. I have replaced stuffing, washed bodies, fixed a broken voice box, cleaned the cloudy film from their eyes, and removed stains from their original garments. In some cases, I had to take the doll completely apart. This labor of love took patience and perseverance, and has resulted in the dolls being restored, almost perfectly, to their original condition, ready to receive the love of a new generation.

Through Christ’s sacrifice I have also been restored to my original relationship with God. I am a partaker of God’s divine nature; and, empowered by the indwelling spirit of God himself, I am able to live more fully into who he has created me to be. This is “the grace in which we now stand“. This is the true nature of my being.

Through the Holy Spirit, I have access to everything contained in the character of God, in whose image I am made. I am being perfected in love, and made whole so that I can reach the full expression of God‘s grace within me. This grace frees me from the guilt of sin, empowers me to value what God values, inspires virtue, and imparts the strength to endure the trials of life.

No doubt, the dolls I restored will receive new ‘battle scars’ for such is the case of being well-loved by a child. And I too, being transformed by God’s love, will carry on in the sure hope that I will nurture all I have been given, and will one day experience God’s glory fully and forever.

Camilla Brunschwyler Armstrong