Sunday School Classes

Adult Christian Formation Offerings
Sundays from 9:15am-10:15am
September 8-October 20, 2019

Genesis 1-11: The Primeval Events

Genesis 1-11: The Primeval Events
Meeting in the Library
Sundays September 8 – October 20
Led by Robert Wisnewski

If the Old Testament is the story of the people of Israel’s relationship with God over time, the first eleven chapters of Genesis form the Prologue to the story. In these Primeval Event Narratives we find mystical stories about how things were when humans came on the scene. Two questions will lead us: 1) Why has Israel’s confession of the God who rescued them from Egypt been extended back into the primeval events?, and 2) Why did Israel speak of its rescuer as the creator of heaven and earth in a way that has so many points of contact with what the surrounding world said of its gods in the same context? The stories we will cover include: the Creation Narratives; Cain and Abel; the Great Flood; Noah and his Sons; and the Tower of Babel.


Being Disciples:  The Essentials of the Christian Life (Journal Class)

Being Disciples:  The Essentials of the Christian Life (Journal Class)
Meeting in the Parish House
Sundays September 8-October 20
Led by Deonna D. Neal

In this 7-week small group discussion class we will read Rowan Williams’ Being Disciples: The Essentials of the Christian Life.  The goal of the course is for participants to discuss and reflect on various aspects of discipleship and how these aspects are currently integrated both into their own lives and manifested at St. John’s.  The goal of the course is to be fruitful to parishioners as they contribute to conversations related to the parish self-study and the rector search process. Participants will be assigned “homework” and will also be asked to keep a spiritual reflection journal during the course as well.  All students are asked to bring their journals with them to class, since a portion of class time will be used for writing and reflection!