Mission Trips

IMG_0093IMG_0097Honduras 2017

Week I (Landscaping/Construction/VBS) – July 14-21

Week II (Medical and Dental) – July 21-28

Application forms found below

For more than ten years (and in some ways longer than that), St. John’s has had a missionary presence in Honduras. Over that time, our parish has developed a close friendship with Espiritu Santo, the Episcopal parish in Tela with whom we partner each year. As with all missionary endeavors, the relationship is reciprocal—we consistently receive as much (probably more) than we give.

This July, we will take two groups to Honduras. The first focuses on construction and landscaping, as well as a vacation Bible school for children.  Open to participants ages 16 and over, this trip allows people from St. John’s to work alongside people from Espiritu Santo,in co
IMG_0103 IMG_0206nstructing needed upgrades to the homes of local parishioners, such as adding an indoor bath to an elderly person’s home.  The second, which is open to participants 19 and older, is a medical trip, which combines the expertise of medical professionals with the willingness of non-medical participants in order to provide important care to the residents of Tela and the surrounding area.



If you have any questions, please contact:
The Rev. Robert Wisnewski (robert@stjohnsmontgomery.org or 334-262-1937)
The Rev. Candice Frazer (candice@stjohnsmontgomery.org or 334-262-1937)
For questions about youth attendance please contact:
Joleen George (Joleen@stjohnsmontgomery.org or 262-1937)

For questions about the medical trip please contact:
Kat Daily (katdailey@mac.com)


Application – Adult Previous Participant Fill in form

App – Adult First Time fill in form

Application – Youth fill in form

Espiritu Santo’s (Holy Spirit’s) was built with help from St. John’s and other mission teams, along with funds from a gererous United Thank Offering (UTO) Grant from the Episcopal Church Women (ECW).

A view of the Sunday Morning Service from the balcony.