From Our Missionary Bob Canter

Hello from Honduras to my dear friends of St. John’s and Happy Advent.  It’s been awhile and I thought it was time for an update on my work here in Honduras.

As I think most of you know, I have been living in Siguatepeque, Honduras and working with the Episcopal Diocese here for almost two and half years now.  My work is twofold.  I am the short term mission team coordinator for the entire country and I am also project director for the construction of new buildings as St. John’s Episcopal School here in Siguatepeque.

As short term mission team coordinator, I help to provide transportation and hotel arrangements for the teams.  We had twenty teams last year.  I meet with the people in the communities where they will be working, to provide support from the local churches and I travel and work with all the teams while they are here.  Teams are usually either construction and VBS teams or medical teams.  The construction teams help to provide funding for the construction of new churches and improvements to existing churches such as much needed bathroom facilities and new roofs.  They have also helped in the construction of a circular drive, sidewalks, and stairs at St. John’s School.  Last year, St. John’s in Montgomery provided a grant to install two concrete entrance ramps to our driveway, after the city paved the road alongside our entrances leaving our gates a foot below the new road.  Our medical teams see thousands of people in remote areas where medical care is not available.  I know of three lives that have been saved as a result of our medical teams.
St. John’s Episcopal School here in Siguatepeque is the youngest of seven faith based, bilingual Episcopal Schools here in Honduras.  We have grown a grade a year and last year, introduced the seventh grade.  We have 89 students this year.  We have a large piece of property in the center of town which includes the church, rectory, parish house, two clinic buildings (dental and HIV) and a seven room classroom building.  At present, pre-K and Kindergarten are housed in two small rooms in one of the clinic buildings.  We have had to sacrifice both our computer lab and our library in order to provide classrooms.  We are a vibrant, growing school, but we are totally out of space.  We have a master plan for a large school campus and we are poised to build a truly great, Christian based school.  Part of that plan is a cafeteria building.  Because of its size and location, we decided a year and a half ago to build that building first.  When finished, we will temporarily divide the building into three new, greatly needed classrooms until the first of three two story classroom buildings can be built.  At present we have the foundation and exterior walls completed and with the help of a very generous, beautiful St. John’s couple, we have recently completed the roof structure.  We need to finish that building by next September in order to add the eighth grade and continue to grow.
Due to the exceptional grace of God, I have been protected and have had all of my needs met.  I live a simple and rewarding life here.  I live and work out of a small one bedroom apartment on a dirt road in the foothills of the mountains just ten minutes outside of town.  The Diocese provides me with a truck and with my state retirement and now SSI, I am able to maintain the truck and pay for its insurance as I travel all over this beautiful land.  My personal funds are also sufficient to provide help to the people I work with.  Everything from paying for transportation to Cursillo events, and helping to school several children, to helping build a house for family in Siguatepeque that was about to be homeless.  They had been living in a two room adobe house with a leaking roof, dirt floor and outhouse.  They now have a good roof over their heads, electricity, and indoor plumbing for the first time in their lives.  I am also able to cover my personal costs while traveling with the groups.  Unless they offer, I pay for my hotel costs and all my meals.  I have been very blessed.  But I am in great need for some financial assistance in order to complete this new school building at St. John’s School.  The need is great.  I need $45,000 to complete this building.  The next step in the process is to pour our slab. I need about $5000 to do that. I ask that you prayerfully considered helping me to help these children.

Tax deductible donations can be made through St. John’s Church.

I pray for you all to have a Very Merry Christmas and that this Advent Season be a time of great blessings and thanksgiving.


Love, Bob


Bob Canter
Short Term Mission Team Coordinator
Episcopal Diocese of Honduras