Nominees for Vestry

Each year at this time I receive a delightful surprise and am able to pass exciting news on to the parish at large. This is the season in which the Nominating Committee brings forward a slate of nominees for election to the Vestry by the parish. Numerous suggestions are made to the committee and they do the hard work of narrowing those suggestions to fourteen persons they think could serve the parish best at this time in our history. The list is submitted to the Vestry for their approval to ensure that the nominees are qualified by having been Confirmed in the Episcopal Church and that they support the parish with a pledge. Each nominee must also be invited to accept the nomination.

Being Rector of a parish is a little odd in terms of church membership. While I preside at Vestry meetings and charge the Nominating Committee with the responsibility of selecting the slate, I do not meet with the committee nor am I permitted to vote on the slate at the Annual Meeting. My responsibility is simply to serve with those elected by the congregation.

Over the years, I’ve discovered what a great blessing this system is. I am the beneficiary of the decisions made by the Nominating Committee and the Parish. I get to serve with the people that you select and there is a real gift in that for me personally. It all helps to remind me that God has a guiding hand in our nomination and election process. Those brought forward and elected serve us so well.

Again this year, I am delighted with the slate of nominees and grateful to each person on that slate for their willingness to serve if elected. Half the group will not be elected, though each is well qualified and has very much to offer. Those put forward for your consideration are (listed alphabetically):


Betty Beale

Virginia Bear

Jim Bennett

Phillip Brown

Libby Fitzpatrick

Mike Gamble

Reggie Hamner

Mark Harris

Buddy Ingram

Caroline Lawson

Jean McDowell

Andrea Screws

Jeff Stevenson

Lori White


The Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, January 25, 2015, at 11:15 am. Prior to that time you will receive a brochure with photographs and a biographical sketch of each nominee to help inform your choice. Meanwhile, please keep each of these nominees in your prayers. May those we elect be equipped with God’s grace so that our parish might deepen our vision and mission.


Yours faithfully,

Robert C. Wisnewski, Jr.