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Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love of Christ

Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love of Christ

Nothing Can Separate Us From the Love of Christ


In the 8th Chapter of Romans, Paul reminds his readers that God has already given us the biggest and most effective gift imaginable, his only Son Jesus Christ. And so, Paul says, we can trust that God will also give us everything else we truly need. Because of the gift of Christ, nothing can separate us from God, neither the tribulations we face nor the idols we construct. God will defeat anything in his path to win salvation for the world. The biggest gift has already been given yet we often still worry about the little things we need in a given day.

I was sitting with someone recently who was stewing over a hard decision. Actually, since it wasn’t my decision, it didn’t seem all that hard to me but had it been mine I’m sure I would have been anxious about it as well. After she spewed out some of the stress she was feeling, I asked her, “If you were certain either decision you made would work out okay, which would you choose?” “That’s easy”, she said, “I’d choose the first option.” Realizing that she would really be fine, no matter what she chose, made it easier for her to make the decision she needed to make.

Sometimes we act like the decision we face is going to determine whether or not God is going to be able to help us. Scripture assures us, however, as does our everyday experience, that no decision will remove God. Our very best decisions still need God’s involvement. It’s not like our choice can ever make anything turn out exactly right. And it’s not like our worst decisions can stop God from correcting things. No decision we make is perfect and no decision we make can stop the sun from rising tomorrow. Certainly some decisions are bigger and have more impact on the world but all our decisions still need God’s help. And that help is assured. God has already given us the very best he has to offer. Why would we think he would hold back now?

Nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord. Nothing. I am fortunate to have a few people in my life who love me so much that whatever I might choose they will still support me. And knowing that doesn’t cause me to test those relationships with poorer and poorer decisions. Knowing that actually gives me the freedom to choose better and better things. Knowing that their love will be with me even if I make a horrible decision gives me the freedom to make better decisions. If that is true with our friends, how much more true it is with God if we will but know the gift he has already given us.

If you knew the decision you face would work out no matter what your decision is, what decision would you make? Deepen your trust in God’s gift of salvation. It has already been given. You don’t have to do anything to get God to give you that gift because he already has. Can you trust God’s presence in your decision making? A great freedom awaits if you can.

Yours faithfully,

Robert C. Wisnewski, Jr.