Member Login

Now St. John’s members have the ability to view & edit their personal information.  You may do the following:

1. Make any changes to your personal information such as address, phone numbers, email, birth date, etc.

2. Add a personal photo

3. View your financial giving (coming soon is the option to set up payments via electronic bank drafts)

4. Find directory information about other parishioners & print out an online directory

5. The ability to control how much (if any) information others may see

6. Approve your cell number in order to receive group text messages

Click here to access the member information area.

**If we do not have an  email address for you in our database, you will not be able to access this area.  If you cannot log in, then please email Anne at and your email will be placed in the database.  You will then get a notice that you may log in.

Click on any of the topics below for step by step instructions

1. Creating a member log-in for the St. John’s website

2. Options within the member area (editing information, making payments, viewing directories)

3.  How to set up Pledges/Payments

4.  How to view directories