Outreach Grants of $105,000

On June 17 the Vestry approved the recommendations made by the Outreach Grants Committee, chaired by Stephanie Norrell. Grants of $105,000 were made to the following ministries in our area which involve many volunteer opportunities as well. These groups are carefully researched by our Outreach Committee before recommendations are made. Remarkable work is being done in so many places and we are happy to help keep these efforts going. Along with our gifts go our prayers for all those in need.


Alabama Writers’ Forum (imprisoned youth rehabilitation)                         2,000

Aid to Inmate Mothers (reading for children)                                                      3,000

AMBUCS (providing mobility for the disabled)                                                    1,000

Boys and Girls Club                                                                                                          3,000

Brantwood Children’s Home                                                                                       3,500

Bridge Builders (racial reconciliation)                                                                       1,500

Cancer Wellness Foundation                                                                               3,000

Catholic Social Services (direct aid to needy)                                                        2,000

Child Protect (victims of abuse)                                                                                 2,000

Children’s Center (for disabled young adults)                                                     2,500

Children’s Harbor (summer camp for special needs children)                       2,000

Common Ground (safe haven for youth)                                                                              2,500

Compassion 21 (mentoring for inner city youth)                                                                2,000

Eve’s Circle (mentoring for inner city female adolescents)                            1,000

Family Guidance/Center for Families (direct assistance)                                 1,750

Family Sunshine Center (victims of domestic violence)                                   3,000

Friendship Mission Church (food, shelter, clothing)                                          2,500

Holy Cross Episcopal School Scholarship Fund                                                  10,000

Hope Inspired Ministries (jobs for those coming out of prison)                    1,500

Hospice of Montgomery                                                                                               4,500

Kairos                                                                                                                        1,000

Kelcie’s Place (autistic teens)                                                                                      1,500

Kid One (transportation for seriously ill children)                                                               1,000

Laubach Literacy                                                                                                               1,000

Let God Arise Ministries (prison ministry)                                                             1,200

Lighthouse Counseling Center (substance abuse program)                           3,500

Montgomery Area Council on Aging (Meals on Wheels)                             12,000

Medical Outreach Ministries (free medical clinic)                                               2,500

Mission Trip to Honduras                                                                                          10,000

Medical AIDS Outreach of Alabama                                                                         2,500

Neighbors in Christ (victims of violent crimes)                                                     1,200

One Place Family Justice Center                                                                             250

Partners in Education (assistance for Floyd Elementary)                                2,000

Reality and Truth (One Church Mission Homeless Feeding)                          2,500

Rebuilding Together (home repair for the needy)                                           2,600

Renascence (prison halfway house)                                                                        5,000

SAFY (Specialized Alternatives for Families and Youth – foster care)         1,500

Salvation Army (food, shelter, and clothing)                                                        3,000

Sawyerville Work Project (summer camp for needy youth)                          4,500

Volunteer and Information Center (clearinghouse for direct assistance)                2,000

In addition to these grants, our Annual Operating Budget provides the following amounts to other ministries beyond our walls: Covenant to the Diocese – $124,719; Seminaries – $10,000; Scholarships to seminarian – $2,000; Strategies to Elevate People (inner city ministries) – $3,000; Discretionary Funds (direct assistance) – $10,500; Baldwin Fund (direct assistance) – $6,000; Honduras Trip – $2,500; Family Promise (homeless families) – $12,000; Holy Cross Episcopal School – $30,000;  Children’s Outreach Projects – $500; Community Outreach $1250.

Our total outreach expenditures in 2013 will be $301,544, just under 20% of our annual budget. Your parish, through your generosity, continues to do remarkable work and more is still required of us. May all our efforts bring those in need closer to the hope offered through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Yours faithfully,

Robert C. Wisnewski, Jr.


No Weekday Eucharists During July

Summer schedules are varied and we have decided to suspend the weekday Eucharists during the month of July. We apologize for any inconvenience or disruption this may cause you. We will resume Tuesday morning Eucharists at 7:00 am, Wednesday evening Eucharists at 5:30 pm, and Thursday Healing Eucharists, in August. All these are held in the Chapel and are wonderful ways of deepening the spiritual path. Make plans to join us when we start back in August.


Joy and Concern

We give thanks for the birth of twin daughters, Anne Caroline Duggar and Lucy Elizabeth Duggar, to Will and Betsy Duggar, granddaughters of Bob and Barbara Anne Bowling.

We also give thanks for the birth of a daughter, Mary Mildred Ouida Mabry, to Henry and Dana Mabry.


We pray for one who has died, Lisa Wallace. May she go from strength to strength in the life of perfect service in God’s heavenly kingdom.


Another Family Promise Week Completed

Family Promise would not be possible without the help of volunteers.   Thank you to the following for volunteering: The Bressler Family, Sarah Spratling, The Eskridge Family, The Williams Family, Reggie and Anne Hamner, The Miller Family, The Harrell Family and The Gamble Family, Bob Young, Stanley Marks, Peter Selman, Nancy Bradford, Angie Milam, Delia Cerpa, Katharine Harris, Jean Smyth.


Steven and Kimberly are well on their way to getting their own home.  Steven is working and Kimberly is waiting on the results of her GED test.  Pray for Kimberly to get a job as soon as she gets her GED results and then they will be able to live on their own.

-Jim and Diane Locke – Family Promise Coordinators


And many thanks to Jim and Diane for their servant leadership! Our next Family Promise week is September 8-15.