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Appoint Interim Rector ✔

Update Parish Profile ✔

Vestry appoint Discernment Committee ✔

Prepare Committee for work of discernment ✔

Conduct listening sessions ✔

Ask Parish to nominate candidates (Deadline for submission: 21 March) ✔


Invite candidates to enter mutual discernment process ✔

Prayerfully research, study, listen and discuss – In Work

Interview, visit and meet – In Work

Recommend candidate to Vestry


Vestry extend call

Announce new Rector

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Develop onboarding plan

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  • June 1, 2022| Discernment Committee Update
    Your Discernment committee has been busy during the month of May interviewing candidates via Zoom. Three committee members conducted each interview while other committee members observed the interview from off-camera. We also recorded all of the interviews both for the benefit of those committee members who could not attend and to allow us to replay interviews. The majority of questions in the initial interview were common to all candidates, but we also included a few questions particular to each candidate. After a period of prayer and discussion, we discerned which candidates to invite for a second interview. The second interview was tailored to the individual candidate, using questions the committee derived from reviewing the candidate’s responses in the first interview, parish data, resume, Office of Transition Ministry (OTM) profile, written responses to topics in our invitation letter, sermons, and other information available online. After another period of prayer and discussion, we determined which of these candidates would take the next step in discernment, by asking to visit them.

    During the month of June, we will send small teams of committee members to visit candidates at their parishes. While we have learned a lot through online research and zoom discussions, these cannot completely replace the interaction we get in a face-to-face visit. Preserving confidentiality demands that we conduct these visits discreetly. This is a very exciting time, as each of the candidates we plan to visit has demonstrated qualities that we seek in our next rector. Once we complete the visits, we will spend more time in prayer and discussion to decide which candidates to invite to visit with the entire discernment committee here at St. John’s in July. We remain on track to present a candidate to the vestry by late summer.

    Please contact any committee member, any time, if you have questions, concerns or inputs. Most importantly, we ask that you pray for our committee, the candidates, and St. John’s rector transition.

    John Carter and Rosa Davis, co-chairs; Nancy Bradford, Bob Canter, Kat Dailey, Libby Fitzpatrick, Reggie Hamner, Arthur Mazyck, Jimmy McLemore, Chuck Moore, Nick Prillaman, Emily Wise
  • May 1, 2022| Discernment Committee Update
    April has been a busy month for our committee as we have been engaging with priests from around the country about St John’s discernment process. As step one in our process, we began by personally contacting every priest whom a parishioner nominated as someone we should consider in our search. One of the co-chairs had a phone conversation with the nominated priest which we then followed by sending the priest a package containing a personal invitation to enter discernment with St John’s, a Parish Profile and a copy of our Lenten Meditation booklet. We sent the packages both electronically and by FedEx. Additionally, we personally contacted those priests who self-nominated as candidates for our search via the Office of Transition Ministries (OTM) process. We sent them a similar information package but, as candidates, they began at step two of our process. We asked these candidates to select two topics from a list of six topics our committee produced and provide a brief (300 – 500 word) written response to each. When priests accept our discernment invitation, we provide their names to the Diocesan Canon to the Ordinary, the Rev. Geoff Evans. Once the diocese gathers all of the required information, these priests then became candidates in our process. We ask these new candidates to take step two with us and provide the previously described two written responses. Knowing how busy Holy Week is for clergy, we adjusted our timelines so priests would have time to prayerfully consider their response to our invitation and request for written responses.

    Our committee also refined our process for gathering information about candidates and conducting interviews. We established methods for sharing results of our individual research and sermon reviews. Having a reliable, secure electronic file-sharing system has proven incredibly valuable. The web provides a seemingly inexhaustible source of information on candidates, as committee members can learn a lot about a priest’s current parish and ministries, watch recorded church services, review sermons, and gather information from social media. We are using all of these tools to augment the information we receive from OTM, the Episcopal Church’s parish database and resumes. Our committee decided how we would conduct the first round of zoom interviews and created a set of interview questions that would be common across all candidates. We purchased additional IT equipment to allow us to host quality Zoom sessions from our committee workspace in the education building. Our first interviews are scheduled for May 2 and interviews will be our committee’s focus for the month of May.

    While preserving confidentiality prevents us from sharing specific numbers or demographics, our committee is pleased with the responses we have received to our invitations and the candidate pool to date. We are remaining flexible with regard to establishing deadlines to cast as wide a net as possible while continuing to move forward with those priests who are officially candidates. By adopting parallel rather than sequential processes, we expect our candidate pool will continue to grow over the next few weeks even while we begin interviews. We have received excellent support from the diocese. Having adjusted our timelines to maximize our candidate pool, we anticipate providing the name of our recommended candidate to the vestry by late Summer.

    Please contact any committee member, any time, if you have questions, concerns or inputs. Most importantly, we ask that you pray for our committee and St. John’s rector transition.

    John Carter and Rosa Davis, co-chairs; Nancy Bradford, Bob Canter, Kat Dailey, Libby Fitzpatrick, Reggie Hamner, Arthur Mazyck, Jimmy McLemore, Chuck Moore, Nick Prillaman, Emily Wise
  • April 1, 2022| Discernment Committee Update
    Our committee spent the month of March preparing for the next steps of the Discernment process. We conducted listening sessions with the parish and staff, then discussed what we learned from these sessions. We determined how we wanted to contact prospects, opting for a personal call to initiate the process, then following-up on the call by sending written materials via FedEx in addition to emailing packages. We developed a list of six topics from which candidates will select two and provide a 300 – 500 word written response to each. We’ll use these responses along with information gathered from web research, a complete resume and materials provided by the diocese (Office of Transition Ministry profile, etc.) to prepare for zoom interviews. We had several discussions with the Diocesan Canon to the Ordinary, the Rev. Geoff Evans, to understand the role of the diocese in our process moving forward. We’re very comfortable with the assistance we will receive from the diocese. Finally, we discussed how we will document and share committee members’ research and review of candidates’ sermons, current parish data, online presence, and other pertinent information.

    Please contact any committee member, any time, if you have questions, concerns or inputs. Most importantly, we ask that you pray for our committee and St. John’s rector transition.

    John Carter and Rosa Davis, co-chairs; Nancy Bradford, Bob Canter, Kat Dailey, Libby Fitzpatrick, Reggie Hamner, Arthur Mazyck, Jimmy McLemore, Chuck Moore, Nick Prillaman, Emily Wise
  • March 1, 2022| Update and Listening Sessions
    Discernment Committee Update
    28 Feb 22

    Greetings from your Discernment Committee! We have begun our work in earnest and want to update you on our progress to date and give a preview of events to come. Our committee held a weekend retreat to build a foundation of trust in each other and in the process of discernment. A representative from the diocese outlined the calling process and the role the diocese will have at various junctures. Our calling coach and spiritual advisor, Rev. David Meginniss, expounded on the process from a priest’s point of view and explained why strict confidentiality regarding candidates is critical to a successful search. We discussed how discernment goes beyond merely hiring and how we will operate as a committee. As the retreat concluded, we committed ourselves to a Holy Spirit-led discernment process and to opening our hearts and minds to discover God’s will for our next Rector and the future of St. John’s.

    Our process consists of four phases: Prepare, Discern, Call and Transition. You can see more details about actions in each of the phases at the “Rector Search” tab on the St. John’s website: We are currently in the “Prepare” phase and our next step is to hold at least three listening sessions where we can update you on the process, hear about your experiences and hopes for the future of St. John’s, and answer any questions. Don’t worry! If you come to a listening session, we won’t make you talk! You’re welcome to attend and just listen with the rest of us. The three listening sessions will take place in the Parish Hall on:
    1) Sunday 6 March 11:45 am – 12:30 pm (after 10:30 church)
    2) Wednesday 9 March 5:00 – 5:45 pm (prior to 6:00 Lenten supper/speaker)
    3) Sunday 13 March 08:30 – 09:15 am (after 07:30 church, before adult formation)

    Nursery care will be available for all sessions. Additionally, you can participate via Zoom if you prefer.
    The Zoom link is:
    You can also join the Zoom session by entering the Meeting ID: 317 318 9730 and Passcode: STJZoom#@1

    Another important part of the “Prepare” phase is gathering the names of potential candidates. If you or anyone in your network of family, friends or acquaintances knows of a priest who could be our next rector, please forward those names to our committee before March 21. We’re casting as wide a net as possible at this point.

    We are committed to open communication and a transparent process, constrained only by the bounds required to preserve confidentiality regarding candidates. You can review updates, track our progress and contact the committee from the link to the St. John’s website listed above. We’ll continue to provide periodic updates in the weekly email, monthly Eagle and during Service announcements. Please contact any committee member, any time, if you have questions, concerns or inputs. Most importantly, we ask that you pray for our committee and St. John’s rector transition.


    St John’s Discernment Committee
    John Carter and Rosa Davis, co-chairs; Nancy Bradford, Bob Canter, Kat Dailey, Libby Fitzpatrick, Reggie Hamner, Arthur Mazyck, Jimmy McLemore, Chuck Moore, Nick Prillaman, Emily Wise
  • January 18, 2022 | Interim Rector Committee Announcement
    Dear St. John’s Parishioners,

    I am delighted to announce that the Vestry has appointed the following people to serve on the discernment committee to search for St. John’s next rector.

    John Carter (co-chair) Rosa Davis (co-chair)
    Nancy Bradford Arthur Mazyck
    Bob Canter Jimmy McLemore
    Kat Dailey Chuck Moore
    Libby Fitzpatrick Nick Prillaman
    Reggie Hamner Emily Wise

    Back in November, the Wardens and I identified John Carter and Rosa Davis as co-chairs for the committee. Then, John, Rosa, the Wardens and I all independently put together a list of people who we thought would make good members of the search committee who were eligible, i.e. confirmed members of the Episcopal Church and communicant members of St. John’s, not currently serving on the Vestry, not members of staff or their spouses, etc. The pool was also limited to the fact that no one on the previous search committee wanted to serve again. When we compared our lists, there was about 95% overlap. John Carter and Rosa Davis then looked at all the lists, called people to see if they were interested in serving, and then compiled a list of 12 names. It was important that these 12 people not only represent or can speak for various constituencies within the church, but also have particular gifts for evaluating the candidates in different areas as well, e.g. leadership, administration, mental health, spirituality, liturgy, preaching, pastoral skills, etc.

    The committee members have all previously served as lay leaders in various St John’s ministries. They are faithful parishioners who, through their diverse experiences, have exhibited the skills required to work passionately and collaboratively through the intellectually and emotionally demanding tasks that lay ahead of them. They are good listeners who will, as the Vestry charges them in the appointment letter, strive to “understand the congregation’s dreams, desires and concerns regarding this transition.” Most importantly, they are to “seek the will of God for St. John’s Church and this rector transition.” It is titled a discernment committee because the process of calling our next rector is one of mutual discernment: the committee discerning, on behalf of the congregation, God’s will for St John’s future and in turn working with rector candidates who are discerning whether they are being called to leave their current parish to begin a new chapter in ministry with us at St John’s in Montgomery. Discernment is a spiritual undertaking; we ask everyone to pray fervently for God’s guidance throughout this process using this prayer:

    Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on your Church, and so guide the minds of those who shall choose a rector for this parish, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (Book of Common Prayer, p.818)

    Please watch the Eagle and the St John’s website for updates on the committee’s progress. Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions with any committee member. They will also schedule sessions in the coming weeks where you can meet with committee members and express your “dreams, desires and concerns.” If you know someone you think may be a great candidate for our next rector, let them know. They will follow-up on all recommendations! You may contact the committee co-chairs confidentially on this or any other concern via email at

    In Christ,

  • January 17, 2022 | Committee Appointment Letter
    We, the Vestry of St. John’s Episcopal Church, appoint the following parishioners as members of the Discernment Committee to call our next Rector:
    John Carter and Rosa Davis, co-chairs
    Nancy Bradford
    Bob Canter
    Kat Dailey
    Libby Fitzpatrick
    Reggie Hamner
    Arthur Mazyck
    Jimmy McLemore
    Chuck Moore
    Nick Prillaman
    Emily Wise

    We charge the Discernment Committee to:
    Seek the will of God for St. John’s Church and this rector transition. Listen to God with an open heart. Pray daily for guidance, wisdom and energy.
    Understand the congregation’s dreams, desires and concerns regarding this transition.
    Identify candidates to be the next rector of St. John’s Church consistent with the criteria described in the 2019 Parish Profile and 2022 Addendum and the committee’s discernment process.
    Conduct a thorough, nationwide search for candidates using all available resources.
    Present to the Vestry, based on deep mutual discernment with the candidates, the person most likely to fit as an exceptional rector and partner in ministry for St. John’s Church.
    Plan its work carefully and conduct it prayerfully, thoroughly and with alacrity.
    Work closely with the Vestry, providing regular progress updates and working within timelines and budgets as agreed to with the Vestry.
    Support the Vestry in its work through the transition period until the next rector arrives and is integrated into the church.
    Seek the counsel and support of our Bishop and the appropriate offices of the Diocese of Alabama through the search, discernment and call process.
    Maintain strict confidentiality regarding candidates and discernment discussions.
    Comply with:
    The Constitution and Canons of The Episcopal Church.
    The Charter and Canons of the Diocese of Alabama.
    The Certificate of Formation, By-laws, Policies and Procedures of St. John’s Church.

    Will Hill Tankersley   William Haynes
    Senior Warden   Junior Warden