Speaker: The Rev. Jamie Osborne

Sunday Service – October 11, 2020

This morning, I’d like to begin by thanking you all as I end my time here as an associate rector. Thank you for your support and encouragement over these last three years. Your influence has shaped me into the priest I am today. I also want to thank you for providing a spiritual home for […]

Sunday Service – September 6, 2020

There’s a short story written by Flannery O’Connor entitled the “The Turkey”, and the story centers on a young boy named Ruller. One day in the woods he spots a wounded turkey. He imagines himself marching triumphantly through the front door of his house with the turkey slung over his shoulder, to the screams of […]

Sunday Service – August 16, 2020

  Our closing hymn this morning is number 469, and we could probably just read the lyrics of the hymn instead of having a sermon today. There’s a wideness in God’s mercy like the wideness of the sea. That first line of the hymn is a wonderful image. The sea goes as far as the […]

Sunday Service – July 26, 2020

You may already know this, but I’m going to let you in on a little secret about preaching. Preachers typically have just one sermon they preach over and over again. It’s the same message, said in different ways. It’s not because preachers are lazy or lack creativity. All of us preachers proclaim the good news […]

Sunday Sermon – June 7, 2020

  Today on Trinity Sunday, I’d like to begin with a prayer from the 20th century scholar and priest, Austin Farrer: God above me, Father from whom my being descends, on whom my existence hangs, to whom I turn up my face, to whom I stretch out my hands: God beside me, God in a […]

Sunday Service – April 26, 2020

  During my last semester at seminary, I took a course on Environmental Ethics. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I registered for the class, but the course sounded interesting, and I really liked the professor. I learned a lot throughout the course lectures, assigned readings, and class discussions. And several key ideas […]

Good Friday Sermon – April 10, 2020

Today on this Good Friday, we find ourselves in the middle of the triduum, the three days that begin on the night of Maundy Thursday, which will culminate with Easter on Sunday. We are in the holiest days of our tradition. These liturgies are ancient and they are solemn. Today’s readings are focused on the […]

Sunday Sermon – March 22, 2020

    Today’s reading from the twenty-third psalm is one of the most comforting passages in all of Scripture. The writer of the psalm expresses an amazing and life-giving trust in the goodness of God. They lack nothing because God is their shepherd. In green pastures and by still waters, in the valley of the […]