Sunday Morning Classes for Adults

September 10 – October 22 at 9:15


On September 10, our Sunday morning Christian Education classes resume after a summer break. Classes for the youngest of children through adults are provided. Youth Groups begin their meetings later that same day. Another session of classes for adults begins October 29. If the image of a banquet may be offered, the feast has been prepared and the invitation is now issued. Come and be fed. Come and be a means of nurture for others, as Christ works in you.


Living the Good News

Led by Dudley Perry

This class offers an in-depth look at the lectionary readings for each Sunday. After receiving some historical background on the readings, participants discuss how God was working in the lives of the characters involved and what that means for us. Exploring the scriptures prepares our hearts and minds to be more engaged in the hour of worship that follows.


Parables: Jesus’s Provocative Stories

Led by the Rev. Candice Frazer

Jesus was a gifted storyteller and his most delightful and thought-provoking storytelling was often in parables.  Be it a simple sentence or a well-developed story, Jesus would often illuminate a particular teaching with a parable.  These short stories are fiction, yet they speak to many who could relate to their details and cast themselves in the role of a character in the story.  Though Jesus often taught in parables, he only ever explained them to his disciples and of these private explanations, few have been preserved.  Just as the disciples, the crowds, the Pharisees and others present had to find their own understandings of Jesus’s teachings, we must find ours as well.  This class will explore a variety of parables using Amy-Jill Levine’s book, Short Stories by Jesus.  We will examine our own misconceptions of the meaning of parables and rediscover how the parables continue to provoke us today.  This scripture-based class is a great way to explore reading the Bible in a critical manner for the beginning Bible reader to the more nuanced reader.


The Four Essential Elements of the Christian Life: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and Prayer

Led by the Rev. Jamie Osborne

Christianity is best described as a way of being in the world rather than a set of religious beliefs. Jesus does not offer a set of religious beliefs; instead, he offers us a way of living. In fact, the early followers of Jesus were known as “people of the way.” Together we will explore four essential elements of this way of life: Baptism, Bible, Eucharist, and Prayer. We will be using Rowan Williams’ book Being Christian as a guide through the course of the class. Williams is a world-renowned theologian and former Archbishop of Canterbury, and a trusted guide for those who long for a deeper spirituality within the Anglican tradition of which the Episcopal Church is part.