Sunday School begins of Aug. 8 for children & adults

Adult Christian Formation Offerings

Fall 2013 – Sunday Mornings at 9:15

Holy Grail

The Holy Grail in Legend and Literature
Led by Robert Wisnewski in the children’s chapel

The Search for the Holy Grail developed as a curious part of Arthurian Literature and numerous legends developed in the 12th and 13th centuries about the Grail’s connection to the Last Supper, Joseph of Arimathea, Mary Magdalene, and other scriptural figures. In the 20th century the fascination with the Grail returned and has been expressed in various novels and films of our day. Is any of the legend actually true? What is the search actually for? What is the Grail and what might it represent for us as Christians on our own spiritual pilgrimage? Come join the Search for the Holy Grail and see what it means for you.


Sunday School for 20’s and 30’s
Led by Daniel Cenci/Jimmy & Mallory Salter in the Loft (above the kitchen)

“But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:14

This exciting new class is designed to bring together St. Johns’ 20-somethings through early 40-somethings (singles, married – with or without families).  This will provide an outlet for healthy fellowship and an avenue for Christian growth for young adults and young families.  Sundays will entail Christ-centered teaching with stimulating conversation and learning. The class will meet from 9:15-10:15 on Sunday mornings in the Loft, which is located above the kitchen off of the Parish Hall. The group will also offer a number of social events throughout the year (during which childcare will be provided.) Come join us!

acolyte training

Liturgy and Good Livin’
Led by Candice Frazer in the Library

As a wise woman once said, “Unless it becomes relevant it doesn’t become part of you.”  This is  true about liturgy and the way we live.  Liturgy at its essence, is the basis for how and even why we live our life.  The Book of Common Prayer is our primary theology.  It governs the way in which we talk to God as a community and shapes and informs the way we think about God.  This course will explore the ways in which liturgy becomes a basis for the ethical life, how we bring the fundamental aspects of liturgy into daily life, and how we are formed through the liturgy to be the best person we can be.


Living the Good News
Led by Avis Gunter & Bob Canter in the Dining Room

The “Living the Good News” class offers an in-depth look at the lectionary readings for each Sunday. After receiving some historical background on each of the readings, participants discuss how God was working in the lives of the characters involved and what that means for us. Exploring the scriptures prepares our hearts and minds to be more engaged in the hour of worship that follows. The discussions are often lively and lead to a closer community of believers. The knowledge and support we gain from each other assists each of us in “living the good news” of Christ in our daily lives.


Classes for children of all age groups are from 9:15am-10:15am.

If you are unsure what class your child should attend, or have questions about Children’s Christian Formation at St. John’s, please contact Christian Formation Director, Sarah Collier, 262-1937 or 

Childcare for infants & toddlers is

 offered during Sunday school & service times.