The Light Campaign

Project Total: $2,000,000


O Lord God,
the whole world is filled with the radiance of your glory:
By your spirit inspire us to be generous stewards of our church home,
caring for the sacred space that previous generations have gifted to us
so that we may worship you.
Grant that as the light will shine through our windows in more brilliant colors,
so may our lives show forth more clearly the beauty of your manifold gifts of grace;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


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The sense of wonder and awe inspired by the beauty of our church is undeniable. The Nave is a sacrament of sorts—an outward sign of who we are and who we aspire to be.  We are surrounded by God’s grace, the love of all those around us and those who have come before.

To preserve and continue to enjoy the legacy and investment of generations that have come before us, we now must restore our stained-glass windows, remove and replace the gutter system, and overhaul our organ. 

We pray that this project will unite us in the common desire to restore and protect the building we all love and that your fondness for St. John’s and our beautiful church will engender enthusiastic support. 


Project Overview

Restore the Stained-Glass Windows $1,800,000

Our remarkable stained-glass windows are works of art that tell stories of our Christian faith and the history of our congregation. They inspire all who behold them as well as memorialize loved ones. Our windows have stood for generations and the time has come to honor past gifts and invest in the future. We all want to ensure that they continue to inspire for many more years to come.

Recently, Femenella & Associates, a renowned historical preservation company specializing in stained-glass window restoration, evaluated all the windows at St. John’s and recommended a plan of action. Their findings show that all the windows at St. John’s require some restoration and some are in desperate need of immediate work.    

Over the course of several years, they will use state of the art technology and restoration techniques to return all our windows to their original condition and protect them for generations; the work began in July 2021. 

Refurbish the Pipe Organ $75,000

The pipe organ in the sanctuary requires a new circuit board. As an electronic component, this item has exceeded its life expectancy and is currently functioning inconsistently, inhibiting the organ’s ability to play the desired notes. A new circuit board will ensure the organ can communicate the appropriate notes consistently and without fail.

Replace the Gutters $45,000

New gutters will ensure precipitation is diverted from the sanctuary building, particularly in order to prevent future water damage to the restored stained-glass windows. This project will also repair malfunctioning drains, which cause interior water leaks in the adjoining buildings. This work began in August 2021.

Seed a Capital Improvements Fund

All funds received beyond the project costs will be saved in a capital improvements fund to cover the costs for future needs. The more we raise, the less likely we will be to draw from our endowment or hold future capital campaigns. By meeting or exceeding our goal of $2,000,000, we will put St. John’s on solid footing and prepare for a future of growth in ministry.


No matter how you decide to help, thank you!


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