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Wedneday, March 22, 2023

The Wednesday in the 4th Week of Lent

 March 22, 2023

John 5:19-29

As I first read this passage, it seemed like a simple restatement of the principles of Christian life. Yet, as I read the passage again, the same phrase began to stand out: “Very truly I tell you”. This phrase is repeated three times within Jesus’ speech and emphasizes the importance of Jesus’s role not only as a savior, but as a persuader.

The art of persuasion is of paramount importance for all leaders as communication has the power to encourage followers to act. In ancient civilizations, like Rome and Greece, politicians would meet in public spaces and debate issues on war, economics, and politics. Speeches were the only way to gain information about the candidates and the cornerstone of their representative democracy. This tradition remains a vital part of our society.

When I ran for Student Council President in my junior year, It took weeks to craft my speech. I researched tools of persuasion and aspects of leadership to engage the student body. In my speech, I worked to connect with each student in the audience and Jesus aims to connect with his audience in a similar way. He explains the personal benefits of Christian salvation, the kingdom of Heaven, and the protection of God the Father.

Jesus must intrigue the audience with a comprehensive, yet understandable package of beliefs to gain followers. To complete this task, Jesus must follow many steps. He must state and re-state the validity of his claims and become a trustworthy figure in the eyes of his audience. He must state his claims with charisma and confidence to again gain trustworthiness and embody an engaging leader. In saying “Do not be amazed by this”, he shows the constant effort he must put forth to dispel fears and doubts about his claims. Without adding these elements of persuasion, Jesus’ message and the lives of his audience are lost.

Holden Habermacher