Wednesday Night Teaching Series Concludes This Week

St. John’s will offer a four week Wednesday Night teaching series beginning on Wednesday, Sept. 25-Wednesday Oct. 16.

A Biblical and Historical Look at the Development of Satan

The greatest villain of all time is the biblical character of Satan. But who exactly is Satan anyway? What is his history? How does he relate to God? And how is it that an all loving God would allow such an evil creature to exist in His good creation?

In this class we will explore the Biblical development of the character of Satan. We will also look at his role in scripture, which seems to transform as the Biblical narrative progresses. In addition, we will look at the pagan religious influences, from outside of Judaism, which may have contributed to depictions of the Devil which became popular in the first century era and in early Christianity. We will finally spend some time looking at medieval and contemporary satanic folklore, examining how it may or may not be compatible with orthodox Christianity.

The goal of this class is to provide attendees with a scriptural awareness of the complex relationship of good and evil in this world and to provide a scholarly yet faithful approach to understanding the development and reality of spiritual darkness, and how that spiritual darkness relates to our good and loving God.


Children of the church (ages k-6) will learn about The Lord’s Sweetness. There will be lessons and crafts each week about God’s many gifts that are almost as good as candy! Come for learning and fun!

Youth of the church (grades 7-12) will meet with Cairlin in the EYC room for discussion of their own.


The schedule is:

5:30pm – Eucharist
6:00pm – Dinner (there is a charge for dinner)
6:30-&7:30pm – teaching series for adults.  Separate teachings for children and for youth