What Can I Do This Lent?

What Can I Do This Lent?


The question of what one can do during Lent to make the season a better time of preparation is on the minds of many just now. The following list is intended to help get you thinking. Remember, the point is not to prove something to God, but to use a practice as a means of appreciating God’s act of love.


Give up a small luxury like red meat, alcohol, chocolate, television.

Take up a practice of prayer.

Read the daily lessons as prescribed the prayer book.

Spend 15 minutes each day reading some part of the Bible

Read a spiritual classic.

Devote 20 minutes of silence to the Lord each day.

Keep a journal.

Write a thank you note to someone each day.

Make a list each day of your blessings.

Make a list each day of something you need from the Lord.

Exercise each day.

Drink several glasses of water each day.

Fast one day a week; eat only one meal.

Go to a midweek Eucharist each week.

Experiment with saying no.

Experiment with saying yes.

Eat supper with the family together.

Attend the Inquirers’ Classes.

Say the Confession of Sin each day, and say the Absolution as well.

Turn off the radio in the car.

Smile at strangers, especially those who irritate you.

Give a tangible means of affection to someone every day.

Describe to God your feelings about a relationship you wish was better.

Simplify an aspect of your life.

Clean up something which is cluttered.

Take leisurely walks.

Alter an established routine.

Make a formal confession to a priest.

Make an extra financial gift.

Write a spiritual autobiography.

Do one thing each day to nurture yourself.

Do something each day for someone else without expecting a thank-you.

Develop your own list of possible acts for future Lents.

Attend Wednesday noon and/or night programs.


Daylight Savings Time Begins Sunday, March 9. Set clocks AHEAD one hour.