Boo-Charist & Trunk or Treat

Join us on Wednesday, Oct. 25th for our annual Boo-Charist & Trunk or Treat event! At 5:30pm, we’ll have a Boo-Charist (a halloween themed eucharist), everyone, please come in costume!! At 6:00pm, we’ll have a very healthy dinner of corn dogs, french fries & onion rings! At 6:30pm Trunk or Treat begins.  Grown ups have […]

Heavenly Hosts

Heavenly Hosts is our monthly covered dish supper.  each month a different parishioner hosts the event in their home.  Heavenly Hosts is open to all adults of the parish & everyone is asked to bring a dish to share with others. This month our hosts will be Faye & Billy Hughes, 2305 Midfield Dr, on […]

Sacrifice Bunts

It’s the bottom of the 7th inning, the game is tied, and the leadoff batter gets on base. The team’s best hitter comes to the plate and the crowd gets excited, imagining an extra-base hit or even a homerun that will help insure the game will be won. But a good baseball fan knows what […]

God First

I write as someone you associate with your spiritual needs and your spiritual growth. As your priest there are other things expected of me but none as important as offering you opportunities to grow closer to God and inviting you to conduct yourselves as children of God. While you may not associate your monetary gifts […]

Young Adult Supper Club-Sept. 21st

Young Adult Supper Club is for St. John’s parishioners roughly aged 21-35, with exceptions! They meet once a month for a casual dinner, and sometimes bowling(!) typically at one of the parishioner’s home. This month the supper club will meet at 6:30pm at the home of Sarah & Sam Collier, 417 Merry Place in Pike […]