Read With Your Heart

Read With Your Heart   Many of us have a practice of reading scripture daily. It’s a great way to connect with the manner in which faithful people have understood God’s presence and activity over the years and it inspires us to a more faithful lifestyle. Probably the most effective way to read the bible […]

Let Me Receive My Sight

Let Me Receive My Sight   In the 18th chapter of Luke, as Jesus is traveling to Jerusalem near the end of his life, he approaches Jericho and there a blind man is sitting by the roadside begging. He asks Jesus to have mercy on him. When Jesus asks him what he wants, the man […]

God’s Favorite

God’s Favorite   In the 5th Grade, as I was leaving the classroom after a day that had not gone very well, Mrs. Rawl called me over to her desk. Since it had been a crummy day, I assumed I was in some sort of trouble. When I approached her desk, she got up and […]

Not From Around Here

Not From Around Here   There are a lot of Wisnewskis in the world but not many with a southern accent. As you might imagine, with a name like mine, I am no stranger to the phrase, “You’re not from around here, are you?” When people say that, they’re usually surprised, and relieved, to find […]

Choice and Compassion

Choice and Compassion   As a priest, I have opportunities to meet with people in the very most difficult times in their lives, times when they are struggling and seeking to make decisions that hopefully will lead to health and wholeness. Compassion and understanding are so important as people share the difficulties they are dealing […]


Beneficiaries   Most rectors make a mistake when we come to a church. We come in and act like nothing good has been accomplished before our arrival. In our efforts to spur growth and chart our course of leadership, we talk about our new initiatives and the changes we are going to institute. Changes are […]


Belonging We all want to belong. Life is hard and dangerous and lonely. We yearn for a safe place where we can feel connected. When we do realize that there is a force in life larger than us that cares for us we feel that we belong. Then we feel that something larger than us […]